Pack a Purse

Pack a Purse (1)

Forget toys: Babies always want to use our grown-up things, whether that’s keys, cell phones, wallets, or anything else off-limits. Control that urge by safely packing up a purse that baby can go through, in this cute game.

I grabbed an old purse that was small enough for Veronika to hold easily. I filled it with “mommy” things like a pack of wipes, sunglasses, old store cards, and a spare set of keys. She immediately wanted to know what was in there!

Pack a Purse (2)

Ooh, wipes were fun!

Pack a Purse (3)

And sunglasses were a big hit.

Pack a Purse (4)

The more pockets the better. Veronika had to dig around a little to find the cards I’d hidden, and then loved playing with them.

Pack a Purse (5)

If you prefer, you can also buy little toy purses “just like mommy’s”. Veronika has a mini version with her own “cell phone” “car keys” and more!

Pack a Purse alt

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