Cork Printing

Cork Painting (8)

Veronika and I have played around with several ways to make dot paints recently and since I had a few corks left over, I figured we’d test out how they worked.

I set out a craft tray with several different colors of metallic craft paint, construction paper for Veronika to dot onto, and the corks.

Cork Painting (1)

It turned out the corks were the perfect size for little toddler hands to hold!

Cork Painting (2)

She loved to dip in the paint…

Cork Painting (3)

…and dot on the paper.

Cork Painting (5)

She tested out all the different colors in this way.

Cork Painting (6)

Then she tried dotting two of the corks together, with a look of very serious concentration on her face.

Cork Painting (7)

This didn’t keep her busy for that long, but it was a cute alternative to a paintbrush, and we always like testing new tools around here.

Cork Painting (9)

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