Cloud Dough with Vehicles

Cloud Dough Vehicles (3)

It’s been a long time since I made cloud dough, which is basically just a super soft play dough requiring only flour and oil. In the past I’ve made this with baby oil, but this time I used regular vegetable oil.

Cloud dough should be 8 parts flour to 1 part oil, so I used 4 cups flour and 1/2 cup oil. Mix with a spoon or your fingers until incorporated.

Cloud Dough Vehicles (1)

To add purpose to the play, we added Veronika’s construction vehicles. I also gave her two little cups that I thought we could use to mold sandcastles, but she preferred to use them for scooping, pouring, and filling up her trucks.

Cloud Dough Vehicles (4)

Or vice versa, using the trucks to fill up the cups!

Cloud Dough Vehicles (5)

It was fun to drive trucks through the dough and make tracks.

Cloud Dough Vehicles (8)

Or just to sift through with her fingers. This stuff is always so soft and fluffy.

Cloud Dough Vehicles (6)

It’s also nice for play because it clumps together enough to momentarily hold a shape.

Cloud Dough Vehicles (2)

And when she tired of the game, a quick rinse of cold water got the vehicles clean!

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