Indoor Toys Outside

Indoor Toys Outside (2)

We’ve been having fun lately finding ways to make old toys seem new again, whether by dressing them up or moving them from outside to inside. Here’s a third idea!

I gathered together a few indoor toys that I haven’t seen the kids play with much recently and took them outside. The best time of day for this game was in the evening, when the heat of the afternoon had passed. It was the perfect way to fill the after-dinner hour, taking advantage of these last weeks of summer sunlight!

Indoor Toys Outside (7)

Veronika immediately got started playing with the items I’d arranged on a picnic blanket. The train set that she normally ignores was soon chugging around.

Indoor Toys Outside (1)

And building blocks were fun to build with.

Indoor Toys Outside (3)

Then she discovered the joy of tossing the blocks into the grass.

Indoor Toys Outside (4)

She delighted in scampering down off the patio, retrieving a block, and tossing it again. She kept this up for quite some time.

Indoor Toys Outside (5)

Travis, meanwhile, found new life in old stuffed animals once they were outside in the “wild”.

Indoor Toys Outside (9)

There was a very imaginative game at work.

Indoor Toys Outside (11)

Of course just by being outside kids can find inspiration for their games and toys. They stopped to watch insects, lay down to look up at the sky, or walked through the grass with bare toes. All while happily being entertained.

Indoor Toys Outside (12)

I think we’ll bring a different batch of old toys outside tomorrow!

Indoor Toys Outside (10)

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