The Great Chase

The Great Chase (6)

Here was one last fun craft to illustrate the science of tension for Travis, using only a rubber band and some paper!

First we needed to draw two pictures on cardstock. These can be anything your kid wants, so long as there is one thing being chased and a chaser. I copied a template for a mouse chasing cheese for our first version.

The Great Chase (1)

Travis of course chose two Star Wars characters for a second version! We colored in the images, then cut out.

The Great Chase (2)

You’ll also need to cut a rectangle from cardstock measuring 1×2 inches for each image.

The Great Chase (3)

Cut 1-inch pieces of straw. Place a straw piece in the center of each rectangle, using double-sided tape, and fold the cardstock over the straw.

The Great Chase (4)

Attach one of your images to the resulting strip of paper with a second piece of double-sided tape.

The Great Chase (5)

Cut a rubber band open and thread the straw pieces on. Make sure the thing being chased is below the chaser!

As you expand or tauten the elastic, the little straws “run” down it. Travis giggled watching the mouse chase its cheese.

The Great Chase (7)

And loved the Star Wars version!

The Great Chase (8)

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