Crumple Painting

Crumple Painting (3)

Veronika has loved working with a big canvas for art lately, so today I wanted to find a novel way to let her fill a big sheet from the craft paper roll. Instead of paintbrushes, we crumpled up newspaper from the morning’s news!

Crumple Painting (1)

I put a few fingerpaints onto paper plates, then crumpled up the newspaper. I showed her how to dip one end in the paint and press onto the paper.

Crumple Painting (2)

She certainly thought it was funny but she seemed a little hesitant to try herself. More fun was turning the plates upside down to see if the newspaper would stick!

Crumple Painting (4)

I realized that the wads of newspaper were much too big for her little hands. Making smaller crumples was the solution.

Crumple Painting (5)

We ended up with neat dots all over the paper and set it aside to dry. This looks like it would make beautiful homemade wrapping paper, so we’re setting it aside for upcoming birthdays!

Crumple Painting (6)

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