Create a Dramatic Play Library

Library Dramatic Play (6)

One of the things we’ve missed most during the COVID-19 pandemic is going to the library. So on a gray and rainy morning, we brought the library to us!

To set up, I first arranged some of the kids’ books along the couch like it was a display shelf.

Library Dramatic Play (4)

We then printed out a template for Book Return and Book Check-Out signs. The Return sign went on a blue bin, and the Check-Out went on the table along with a remote to “beep” books out (of course!).

Library Dramatic Play (2)

I had intended for the kids to make pretend library cards, but Veronika preferred scribbling all over the template instead of cutting out individual cards. Oh well!

Library Dramatic Play (1)

Only a few final touches were needed now; we love the puzzle corner at the library, so recreated that with some favorite puzzles on the floor, and then set out a few chairs as reading nooks. Time to open the library doors!

Library Dramatic Play (15)

The kids loved browsing.

Library Dramatic Play (8)

Beeping out books was a big highlight! Veronika was still busy coloring but would pause now and then just to “beep!” a book.

Library Dramatic Play (12)

Both kids soon had a cozy nook where they could read or take a book for a picture walk.

Library Dramatic Play (14)

And then of course it was time to put books in the return bin and re-stock the shelves.

Library Dramatic Play (11)

Don’t forget to set up dolls for a storytime! First I read to the dolls…

Library Dramatic Play (9)

…and then Veronika took a turn.

Library Dramatic Play (10)

I loved that this game even inspired Travis to pause and do puzzles, an activity he usually shies away from. For a moment there, I almost could believe we were back in the real library.

Library Dramatic Play (13)


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