Catching Snowflakes

Catching Snowflakes (4)

We learned about this neat trick for catching snowflakes from Parents magazine and had a chance to test it out today when we looked outside and saw snow flurries!

Ahead of time, place a few sheets of black construction paper in the freezer. Just leave them there if you live some place that’s bound to get snow during the winter, because you’ll want to have them at the ready.

When we saw the snow, we bundled up, grabbed the frozen black paper and a magnifying glass, and headed outside.

Catching Snowflakes (1)

When the snowflakes hit the icy cold paper, they won’t melt. That gave Travis and Veronika the chance to peer at them with a magnifying glass. Travis marveled at how we could see the six points of each flake.

Catching Snowflakes (6)

Veronika just loved the beauty of it, and kept eagerly holding out her paper for more.

Catching Snowflakes (5)

What a simple but wonderful way to experience winter.

Catching Snowflakes (2)


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