Jump and Match Snowflakes

Jump and Match Snowflakes (6)

Here’s the perfect way to get some indoor exercise on a cold morning, plus sneak in a learning game, too!

I tailored the game so it would be a challenge for both my 6-year-old and my 2 year-old. First, I printed a snowflake template on cardstock showing 6 pairs of snowflakes, each with a match. Attach these to a door frame in your home so they are just high enough for kids to jump and touch the pairs.

Jump and Match Snowflakes (1)

Because I knew matching up snowflake pairs with subtle differences would be beyond Veronika’s ability, I also color-coded the game; each pair of snowflakes dangled from the same color string.

Jump and Match Snowflakes (2)

Travis proved to be an expert at spotting twin snowflakes (quicker than I would have guessed!) and loved jumping up to grab them.

Jump and Match Snowflakes (8)

Veronika was able to jump by color when I asked her to find both yellow strings, for example.

Jump and Match Snowflakes (4)

She’s just learning to get her feet off the ground in a jump, so this was great practice!

Jump and Match Snowflakes (3)

We also later played a quick game down on the floor where I showed her mismatched snowflakes followed by an identical pair, so she could be exposed to this more subtle version of a match.

Jump and Match Snowflakes (9)

Beyond the matching and jumping, simply having all those snowflakes dangling turned out to be lots of fun. Veronika thought it was a hoot to run under the strings so the snowflakes just brushed her head.

Jump and Match Snowflakes (5)

She also loved jumping her dolls up toward the dangling strings! This was a great way to burn some energy on a cold morning.


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