Book Busy Box

Book Busy Box (3)

Yes, a book box can keep a toddler busy, even if he or she is not reading yet! To wit, we love taking books for “picture walks” in our household, and today I set up this little bin to keep Veronika occupied while I got a few things done.

I included some of big brother Travis’s early chapter books because she loves the pictures of Star Wars characters (she knows them all by name!) even if she doesn’t understand the story.

Book Busy Box (1)

I also included more age-appropriate favorites, like her Hello magazine and favorite board books. It’s a good idea to use books that you’ve read to your child many times so he or she is familiar with the story, even if you’re too busy to read it.

Finally, I included a set of magnet tiles that tell the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This was a nice way to give her something to manipulate with her hands, in addition to just books. Now I set out the bin on a comfy orange chair as a sort of invitation, and she jumped right in!

Book Busy Box (5)

The Star Wars books caught her eye right away.

Book Busy Box (4)

Soon she was leafing through a favorite board book, narrating the pictures and words to herself.

Book Busy Box (6)

This is the kind of bin you can leave out all day for your toddler to return to whenever the mood hits.

Book Busy Box (7)

What would be in your toddler’s book box? Please share in the comments!

Book Busy Box (2)


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