Water Flow Experiment in a Bag

Water Bag Experiment (7)

This experiment was a bit of a repeat from a recent Kiwi Crate on surface tension, but so cool it was worth a re-do with materials from home. The “wow” factor of it wasn’t lost the second time around!

First, soak a length of yarn in a cup of water for about 2 minutes, until completely saturated.

Water Bag Experiment (1)

Insert one end of the yarn into a sandwich-sized zip-top bag and use a clothespin to pinch the yarn securely in place in the bottom left corner.

Water Bag Experiment (2)

Wrap the opposite end of the yarn around a small rock and place the rock in a glass over a tray (to catch any spills…just in case!).

Water Bag Experiment (3)

Fill the plastic baggie with a little water.

Water Bag Experiment (4)

Now tilt and begin pouring!

Water Bag Experiment (5)

Thanks to surface tension, the water flows directly along the wet yarn into the cup, as long as you keep the yarn taut. Ours wasn’t always exact, so we were glad we had the tray underneath to catch a few inevitable spills. But for the most part we got the experiment to work great.

Water Bag Experiment (8)

This homemade version of the Kiwi Crate suggestion was definitely worth it a second time around.

Water Bag Experiment (6)


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