Rainbow Toy Scavenger Hunt

Rainbow Toy Scavenger Hunt (4)

Here’s a great color lesson for toddlers that’s interactive and hands-on!

To start, I drew a rainbow with markers on the biggest piece of paper available, in this case an old paper grocery bag that I opened up to lie flat. Ideally I would have made the rainbow even bigger on poster board or butcher paper, but the grocery bag worked in a pinch. This was a fun chance for a little art side-by-side, since Veronika wanted to color, too.

Rainbow Toy Scavenger Hunt (1)

Once the rainbow was complete, it was time to make it 3-D! I curated this activity slightly for Veronika since she’s so young, gathering a variety of toys in easy-to-spot solid colors, and placing them in piles near the rainbow. These included blocks, toy cars, dominoes, plastics fruits and veggies, and bean bags.

Rainbow Toy Scavenger Hunt (2)

Now I asked Veronika to help me fill in the rainbow! She quite quickly grasped the idea, reaching to put items on the line of the same color. Our bumpy rainbow quickly took shape.

Rainbow Toy Scavenger Hunt (5)

Even better, the completed rainbow is likely to invite your child to play solo for some time after, since all those toys are now right at hand!

Rainbow Toy Scavenger Hunt (6)

Older toddlers and preschoolers can make this more of a true hunt, and trot all about the house looking for one color at a time before lining up the items they’ve found on the rainbow lines. But even this sit-down “hunt” was great for my two year old!

Rainbow Toy Scavenger Hunt (3)


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