Shaving Cream Bonanza

Bananas with Shaving Cream (3)

Today, Veronika went bananas with a shaving cream bonanza! Much like finger painting in the tub, this activity is perfect because you’re exactly where you need to be to rinse off at the end. In fact, your tub may be cleaner than when the game began, thanks to the soapy shaving cream.

I dressed Veronika in her bathing suit and placed her in a dry tub, then simply squirted out shaving cream: lots! I probably used about three-quarters of a container, but this was so fun that I might use a full bottle or two next time.

Bananas with Shaving Cream (1)

First, Veronika had fun with her tub toys in the oceans of foam. Plastic boats looked like they were in an icy sea!

Bananas with Shaving Cream (2)

She also liked adding bath toys like a penguin and dolphin, which could romp through the soapy waves.

Bananas with Shaving Cream (5)

Your kids might want to play with the shaving cream on the floor of the tub or to smear it on the walls. For the latter, you could even take the opportunity to draw shapes or letters, but honestly we skipped that part today.

Bananas with Shaving Cream (6)

Instead, I placed a basin of warm water next to Veronika and she loved scooping water up in cups and pouring it over the toys. This was neat because it made some of the shaving cream dissolve each time. She then decided it was more fun to scoop up shaving cream in her hand, rinse in the basin, and repeat. She got into such a groove solo with this activity for a while, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Bananas with Shaving Cream (4)

As she was finishing up play, we turned it into clean-up, simply rinsing each toy and watching the shaving cream go in runnels down the drain. A quick rinse for her hands and feet and clean-up was done!