Sticky Table Sensory Play

Sticky Table Sensory (6)

Here’s a fun twist on contact paper collages for toddlers, taking the concept up a notch: turn a whole table into a sticky canvas!

To be honest, I only had enough contact paper to cover half of the table, but that didn’t seem to matter to Veronika. Place the contact paper on a tabletop, sticky side up, and secure with masking tape around the edges.

Sticky Table Sensory (1)

I then presented Veronika with a variety of items from the craft bin that she could adhere. My original intention was to use pom poms, but we recently used ours up! Still, there were plenty of materials to test out. Some, such as strips of gift ribbon or pipe cleaners, she could pull up easily.

Sticky Table Sensory (2)

Others, like yarn and cotton pads were much harder, sticking on firmly. The cotton pads were particularly fun since she could pull them up and see bits of cotton fluff left behind!

Sticky Table Sensory (3)

We also tested out squares of bubble wrap and pieces of felt.

Sticky Table Sensory (4)

The point of the activity was mainly sensory play for Veronika, feeling not only the sticky paper and observing its effect, but also enjoying the various textured materials. For something more artistic, simply turn the final creation into a collage by placing a second sheet of contact paper on top!

Sticky Table Sensory (5)


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