Leaves + Contact Paper = Fall Placemat

Fall Placemat (5).JPG

It’s been a rather disappointing autumn for leaf color in our neck of the woods, with oddly warm temperatures keeping the leaves stubbornly green. Happily, we returned home from a recent nature walk with enough leaves that had managed to turn shades of red, orange, and yellow, and knew we needed a quick project for them. Here we are on the hunt – it’s finally cold!

Nature alph (4)

If you want to make this a science project as well as an art one, talk about how the leaves stop producing chlorophyll this time of year, which reveals the hidden autumn shades under the green. I touched on the matter briefly, but really we were just happy to come home with pretty finds.

Fall Placemat (2)

To easily preserve your leaves, make this placemat:

Place a piece of contact paper, sticky side up, on a work surface. Travis got impish at first, and wanted to stick his hands to the paper a few times!

Fall Placemat (1)

Encourage your child to arrange the leaves in whatever manner they see fit, varying the shapes, size, and colors until they are happy with their arrangement.

Fall Placemat (3)

Seal the leaves by placing a second sheet of contact paper, sticky side down, on top. Trim to size and voila – you have the perfect fall placemat.

Fall Placemat (4)

If you have the inclination and enough leaves, go ahead and make several; these would make wonderful holiday placemats. For Thanksgiving decor, perhaps?

Fall Placemat (6)


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