Spritz Away

Spritz Away (4)

We’ve used water to make art before, but today we used water to wash away art, the perfect activity for a summer morning!

To start, I drew a garden of flowers for Veronika with chalk, including brown dirt below and blue sky above. Her task was to “water” the garden with her toy watering can!

Spritz Away (1)

She loved the way the chalk washed away with each pour. Note: You could also use a spritz bottle for more controlled, slow dissolving of the chalk, but Veronika loves her watering can.

Spritz Away (5)

Of course then there was lots of fun stomping in the resulting puddles!

Spritz Away (7)

It all looked like so much fun that big brother Travis hurried out to join us! Pretty soon we were making big abstract shapes with the chalk and then pouring the water over them. You can then use a thick paintbrush to swipe at the resulting swirls of color on the pavement to make abstract pictures.

Spritz Away (6)

Near the end, Travis filled a cup with water and was splattering “paint” against the patio door with a big flourish. So we did make art with water after all!

Spritz Away (8)


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