Treat Kids to a Car Wash

Car Wash (4)

You can cross two items off your to-do list on a summer day with this fun activity: Clean off the kids’ ride-on toys and cool off!

The goal is to get out the hose, put some soapy water in a bucket, and well, just get everything wet. To start, Travis was in charge of spraying the hose over all the kids’ vehicles, including a battery-powered car, scooters and bicycles!.

Car Wash (1)

If your kids are game, a grown-up can hold the hose in an arc and kids can ride right through it… just like the automated car wash!

Car Wash (2)

Next up was a round of scrubbing and sudsing. The kids eagerly reached into the basin for soapy sponges. Note: I used baby shampoo for the soap, for suds that would be gentle on toddler skin.

Car Wash (5)

That car was soon sparkly clean.

Car Wash (3)

So were the scooters and bikes!

Car Wash (6)

As the final touch, run the hose for a second rinse, bonus points again for anyone who rides right through the water stream.

Car Wash (7)

Of course you’ll want to end the festivities with a parade. Veronika proudly took off on the scooter…

Car Wash (8)

… and Travis took the wheel!

Car Wash (9)


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