Flags for Breakfast

Flags for Breakfast (4)

Get patriotic with this adorable American flag breakfast! My husband has proudly taught Travis to say the words “American flag” so he was very excited to recreate one in our kitchen.

Toast one slice of whole wheat bread, and spread with about 1 tablespoon non-dairy cream cheese. Even the littlest toddlers can help with this part, although you’ll likely have to spread to the edges.

Flags for Breakfast (2)

Add four stripes of strawberry jelly across the toast with a small spoon. If you’re child is old enough, they can help out with this part as well!

Flags for Breakfast (3)

Finally, arrange blueberries in the upper corner of the toast for “stars.” Travis loved helping with the blueberries, even if they didn’t all quite make it to the right place.

The taste brought a huge smile to his face – a sure winner for Independence Day and beyond.

Happy 4th!


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