Bathtub Fun

Wizard of Oz (1)

Don’t reserve the bathtub for actual bath time – you might find you have even more fun when the tub is dry!

To wit, these two simple games are sure to delight. Surprise your child by filling his or her tub with all the stuffed animals in the house. Travis’s eyes popped with amazement! He climbed right in of course… and then his favorite part was tossing the animals out.

Wizard of Oz (2)

He is also fascinated by the shower in the master bathroom, particularly the shower curtain. There’s no need to have watched the Wizard of Oz to understand why hiding behind the curtain before a big reveal is a fun game.

Wizard of Oz (3)

You can take turns with your toddler pretending to be the “wizard” while they pull back the curtain, and then vice versa. Or skip the wizardry and just make it a game of “peek a boo”!

Wizard of Oz (4)

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