You’ve Got Mail


Travis loves everything about the mail – going to the mailroom with me, turning the key in the lock, putting letters to be sent through the mail slot, spotting mail trucks as we drive, you name it! So it seems only natural he should have his own mailbox at home. Toddlers will delight in this game, getting to send and receive “their” own mail.

Cut a slit in an old shoebox or package box, and let your child paint it however they like. Travis picked out blue and red for his mailbox, and loved mixing them together for a purple-ish final result. (I helped out with painting the sides, which were harder for him than the top).


Once the box dries, you can decorate more with crayons or stickers, or just skip right to the business of mailing! Use any junk mail, old envelopes, or other slips of paper you have on hand as letters.


You can re-purpose old stamps and glue them on with glue sticks, or buy stickers in the shape of stamps.


Either way, Travis had so much fun “sorting” his mail, mailing it into the box, and then seeing what he received. He was very proud to “write” me a letter as well (heart melting…)


If you have time, decorate a second box to be the grown up’s mailbox. Now you can send letters back and forth!


2 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail

  1. malieckal says:

    Side note: I like to ask my friends who travel a lot to drop a postcard to Trav from parts unknown. He may not be able to read them now, but he will be able to see that there is a big world out there when he learns to read. Hopefully, it will help him ‘think big’ about the world in which we live!


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