Watercolor Clay Turtles


This cute project is really the first time Travis has worked with clay, not counting the rubbery feeling air-dry kind, and he dove into it like he’s being modeling clay all his life!


Our stated purpose was to make some turtles in order to paint their shells, and Travis liked helping me shape the shells at first.

He then was so busy rolling “snakes” and “worms” that I finished the turtles’ heads and limbs on my own… but I loved watching Travis roll the clay between his hands until he had a little collection!


We set aside the “worms” to dry, and turned back to our turtles. Normally, you want your clay to dry out, but we wanted ours to get wet and messy! First use a paintbrush or your hands to cover the surface of the turtle shells with water.

Next, paint or drip on watercolor paints, and watch the colors run and swirl over the shells!


The result is gorgeous and fun. You can also sprinkle on little patches of salt, which makes the color bleed or intensify in places.


A very cool project, the first of many clay games to follow I’m sure.


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