Foil Monster Truck Rally


Travis has a “monster Jeep” that he loves, so when I saw this adorable way to play monster truck rally at home, I had to give it a try!

Wrap small cars (matchbox race cars are the perfect size) in foil to form an impression, then remove the car to leave the shape behind. This takes some practice, but don’t worry if your work is a bit sloppy – the cars are about to be crushed anyway!


Line the “cars” up in a row; now it’s time for your monster trucks to wreak havoc!


Travis was mildly interested in driving the jeep over the foil, particularly when he was surprised to see the cars get crushed instead of staying solid.


Even more so, he loved the general idea of wrapping cars in foil and then discovering which one was hidden inside. It’s yet another instance of setting up a game for him, only for him take it a new direction that he enjoys more. So why not!


Either way, you’re sure to have some fun with this one.

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