Snow + Hot Water


Snow day! How could I not instantly brainstorm the best way to use Mother Nature to our advantage?


As you can tell from the picture, Travis was not a fan when I bundled him up and trundled him outside to see the flakes, but I was thrilled; the snow was the perfect fluffy consistency for what I had in mind. I spared Travis any more time outdoors and shoveled snow into buckets to bring upstairs.


He loved what came next! I asked him what he thought would happen when hot water was poured over the cold snow, and now it was time to found out.

First we tested a watering can. Travis was so delighted at the holes that melted in our snow mound that he asked if he could get right in the tub – why not?


He wanted to test everything, from a baster and a cup:


to a shovel:


to poking it with his finger.


Then he decided we needed to fill buckets of warm water from the tap and pour over the snow (which at this point was like hard slush).


All too soon, our last little chunk of icy snow melted away, but luckily winter has just begun!

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