Coffee Filter Globes

Coffee Globes (6)

Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22! I wanted to help Travis start to understand what protecting our planet is all about, so we made this craft today in anticipation of the holiday. You’ll celebrate Earth Day while teaching your little ones how they can help!

First, make your Earth. We scribbled in green and blue marker on a plain coffee filter, and as Travis worked I talked about how the Earth contained more water than land, so we needed more blue.

Coffee Globes (2)

Then came his favorite part – spritzing his globe with water to bleed the colors! From there we left it to dry overnight.

Coffee Globes (3).JPG

The next morning, I traced Travis’s hands on black construction paper.

Coffee Globes (4)

We glued the coffee filter to a piece of paper, leaving half of it above the sheet. Glue the hands below, and now your child is helping to “hold up the Earth.”

Coffee Globes (5)

As a final touch, you can talk about simple gestures even kids can do (not wasting water, helping to pick up trash…) and brainstorm a sentence to add to the blank part of your paper.

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