Tissue Paper Globe

Tissue Globes (6)

Our Earth Day fun continued with this very easy tissue paper project. It’s a cute way to celebrate this beautiful planet we call home!

First, encourage your child to trace a circular shape onto the paper you’ll use as a background, which is great fine motor skill practice! Our paper plate was larger than our paper (whoops!) so I did some quick thinking and cut off the outer rim.

Tissue Globes (1)

Then it’s time to cut blue and green tissue paper into squares. Travis still can’t quite master this of course, but he had fun playing at it beside me while I cut up lots of little squares. (Note: No cats were harmed in the making of this project!)

Tissue Globes (2)

I showed Travis how to wad up the paper, dip in glue, and apply to his circular Earth, which was fun for a moment…

Tissue Globes (3)

…but then he quickly decided it was way more fun to use his finger as the glue applicator!

Tissue Globes (4)

I indulged this messy impulse, and added a wad of tissue paper wherever he had made our Earth sticky.

TIssue Globes (5)

Happy Earth Day!

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