Ice, Water, Vapor

Ice Steam (2)

It’s been quite some time since I hopped over to Hands on As We Grow, but glad I stumbled upon this experiment and remembered what a treasure trove the site is for games and learning!

Parents, use your discretion before embarking on this activity. Kids will need to stand near a burner and hot pot on the stove. If you think they will reach out, wait until they are older. However, if you’ve started to include them as a little sous-chef in the kitchen and they understand the basics of kitchen safety, they are likely ready for it.

Travis loves playing with ice, and today I told him we’d take ice cubes all the way from frozen to steamy vapor. He was so excited to see how it would happen!

First, have your child help you count ice cubes into two pots. There really was no need to use two, except that it doubled the excitement of watching what happened during the experiment.

Ice Steam (1)

We placed the pots on the stove, where the ice quickly reached the next phase – water! I gave Travis a big wooden spoon to stir with so he could feel the difference between the chunky ice cubes and smooth water.

Ice Steam (3)

Very quickly, our pots started bubbling and we waited for the steam to appear. We had two ice cubes left over, and added them to the pot when it was at its hottest – Travis couldn’t believe how quickly they melted!

Ice Steam (4)

A great intro to states of matter.

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