Phoneme Week 3: ST

ST (25)

We started out in the usual way, tracing an S and a T on Usborne’s wipe-clean alphabet cards, and juxtaposing them so Travis could see the two letters together. He liked that the S+T sounds is equivalent to “stuh!”

ST (5)

Phonics Book of the Week: Mole in a Hole. Now wait a second, there’s no ST in that title! This week I had to veer slightly off track since Letter of the Week‘s phoneme curriculum don’t always match up with the titles in Usborne’s Phonics box set. However, Mole in a Hole contained lots of perfect ST words: STick, STart, STone, STore, STuck, and STop. So we did numerous reads, and Travis started to sight read some of these gems.

Guiding Theme: STamp.

ST (2)

We started off playing with all the stamps we own, including alphabet stamps, some with pictures, and animal footprints! Then there is the other kind of stamp – postal stamps! – meaning we played games of post office galore. Travis even got to help pick out real stamps at the post office and use a few at home!

ST (11)

We of course had to truly decorate a letter, stamp it, and mail it.

  • We Read:
  • We Made:
  • We Learned:
    • For science of the week, we used a different ST word – STop! Stop germs, that is. This adorable visual on how quickly germs spread was probably Travis’s favorite activity all week.ST science (1)
    • For math of the week, we also used different ST words – STone and STick to be exact. Use any beautiful finds from a nature walk to create a simple pattern for your child. For example, set out: pinecone, stick, stone, pinecone, stick, stone. Your toddler will have fun deciding what comes next, while playing with his or her treasures!ST math
  • We visited:
    • The post office of course, to really mail a package!
  • We Ate:
    • STew
    • STir -fry
    • STrawberries

Other Words of the Week:

  • Stop: Aside from stopping those germs, we made a red stop sign and a green go (STart) sign and did a freeze dance to music. ST (16)You can also make a stop sign with the word writ large for your child, and set up a town with cars and roads.ST (19)
  • Star: We listened to an old favorite, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and read about super stars in the Big Book of Stars & Planets. If you’re looking for star crafts, check out some of our oldies-but-goodies like Glitter Star Jars or the Numbered Stars Flashlight Game.
  • Station: We took a quick ride one weekend on our local station line! Of course we also had to listen to Down by the Station, and to read about a different kind of station – a space one that is! – with Shine-a-Light On the Space Station. We capped it all off with a visit to Grand Central Station, where Travis was ecstatic to see buffers, platforms, conductors, and other items he’s learned about in books.station (2).JPG
  • Steam: We played with steam in two ways: First, I ran a hot shower to fog up a mirror for Travis, which he absolutely adored, and let him paint away the steam with a foam paintbrush. ST (13)Supervise closely, as you’ll likely need to stand your child on a bathroom counter for this. Then we experimented by watching ice turn first to water and then into steam vapor.Ice Steam (5)
  • Sticker: Play with any and all stickers this week! If you’re looking for a great starter sticker book, those from Usborne are fantastic, with a line of text or explanation on each page, and with available in almost every topic imaginable. Travis completely filled in Building Sites and Nature over the course of our week! ST (7)We also toyed around with variations on the word “sticky” by pulling out an old favorite game – a collage of random craft materials on sticky contact paper.ST (21)
  • Still: Need to calm your child down? Emphasize the word still this week! I encouraged Travis to hold still with child’s pose, which is great for relaxing kids prior to nap or bedtime.ST (22)
  • Story: Of course we read stories (including Tell Me a Story), but we also experimented with storytelling this week! First, we made beautiful “story stones”, a great way to teach even pre-readers about the order of words within a story. Then we played two more storytelling games, using fill-in-the-blank style activities.Fill In Story (4)
  • Stone: Don’t be fooled by the word ‘rock’ in several blog posts this week; while Travis and I did these activities, I made sure to use the word STone instead. Projects included a Rock On stone sculpture, storytelling stones, and a campfire made of sticks and stones – don’t forget the make-believe s’mores!ST (23)
  • Stem: Upcycle any stems from a STore-bought bouquet (or those found in nature) with this cute flower picture.Flower Making (4)
  • Store: Finally, head to the store just for fun this week… You don’t even need to buy anything; a mall excursion provides entertainment and atmosphere just from STrolling around. Travis got to ride in a “police cart”, see all the stores, and enjoy the treat of a smoothie (whoops, should have made it a strawberry one!)ST (20)

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