Stop That Germ!

ST science (1)

This game gives an adorable visual to kids who are learning about germs, or when to wash their hands, or good hygiene. I recommend doing the game soon before bathtime – you’re going to need to clean off after, anyway!

When I told Travis we were going to play with glitter, he couldn’t wait to start. I asked him what makes us sick, only half expecting an answer, and was so pleased when he announced, “Germs!”

I told him our glitter was going to represent germs, and we were going to see how quickly they spread. Pour glitter onto your child’s hand, and then shake hands with them. Oh no, now mommy is sick with germs too!

ST science (2)

Of course we had to repeat with a second color of glitter on his other hand.

ST science (3)

And then we had to dump glitter on the ground for a while. Eventually, we got to the key part of the lesson. How could we stop the glittery germs from spreading? By washing our hands of course!

ST science (5)

You can keep up the play with other variations. Fill a spritz bottle with water, pretend to sneeze, and spritz your child. It’s another great, visual lesson on how quickly germs can spread. How will you stop the germs this time? By covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze!

ST science (4)

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