Stamp Pad & Eraser Art

Stamp Eraser (1)We’ve been playing with stamps a lot this week, including in a few new colors of washable ink. Travis literally greeted me first thing with a demand to use our new ink pads (note to self: don’t leave the ink out where he can see it from his bed), so I wiped the sleep from my eyes and dove into this novel stamping game. I thought the cute variation on dot markers would delight Travis!

First, outline a few shapes on paper for your child with cookie cutters – this part is optional, as of course you can just dot the paper at random, but the shapes mean you’ll have a nice craft at the end.

Stamp Eraser (4)

I set Travis up with a couple of pencils (unsharpened, but with good erasers!) and our washable ink in various colors, and he quickly took to pressing the eraser into the ink before transferring over to the shapes.

Stamp Eraser (3)

The craft turned out to be a little tricky for his hands! Most times he only pressed down a half-circle of eraser, instead of achieving a full circle. Also, you never realize how tiny a pencil eraser is until your child is trying to fill in a cookie cutter shape! When he got bored, I filled in a few final dots.

Stamp Eraser (5)

These looked pretty hanging in our window! Had we done them in the winter, they might even make cute homemade ornaments.

Stamp Erase r (6)

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