Stamps and Watercolors

stamp watercolor (11)

This mixed media project was perfect for a lazy Sunday morning – no special equipment required, very hands on, and with a neat little twist that kids will love.

It started when Travis requested his set of stamps, so first we simply dotted them all over a piece of watercolor paper.

stamp watercolor (1)

Our ink is running out just a tad, but this almost made it more interesting – Travis was quite intrigued that some stamps came out “full” and some only “half” if the ink had faded.

stamp watercolor (3)

Then I asked him if he wanted to use watercolors over the stamps, which received an enthusiastic yes! He’s very deliberate about choosing colors lately, and loved selecting which watercolor to use before applying to the paper.

stamp watercolor (6)

The twist is that the watercolor will run off the stamped areas quite quickly – the same effect as when you paint over waxy crayon – which had him so excited he was nearly shaking with enjoyment.

stamp watercolor (7)

He proceeded to choose which color should go over which stamp for some time.

stamp watercolor (8)

The end result is a bit messy and haphazard, but still a delight!

stamp watercolor (9)

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