Dancing Salt

Dancing Salt (5).JPG

Did you know that salt likes to dance along to music? Neither did we until we tried this cool experiment! Sound waves might be invisible, but because they create vibrations, the dancing salt allows kids to see sound in action!

You don’t need to dye your salt with food coloring for this experiment, but it will make it easier to see as it moves.

Dancing Salt (1)

Besides, Travis enjoyed smooshing the color into the salt. We placed 3 portions of salt in zip-top plastic bags and added blue, green, and red.

Dancing Salt (2).JPG

Next you’ll need a bluetooth speaker to make this experiment work. Tape 6 popsicle sticks around the speaker at intervals to create a frame, then top with plastic wrap. Place on a flat surface.

Dancing Salt (3)

Now sprinkle on the salt and watch it shimmy and shake! We found that loading too much salt on the plastic wrap made the action harder to see. Even the amount below was too heavy:

Dancing Salt (4)

So a light sprinkle was the most interesting. Here is our salt grooving to the Beatles – who knew salt had good taste in music?

Definitely a fun one!

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