Football Fever

Football Fever (5).JPG

Travis might not care much about his dad’s team yet, but Sunday football is a tradition in this house, and this mini version makes it exciting for even the littlest fans.

To make our footballs, I cut brown construction into strips that were 2 inches x 11 inches.

Football Fever (1)

Starting at one end, fold up in a triangle, and repeat until you reach the end of the strip, tucking in the last bit of paper; glue to seal. Let dry and then decorate like a football with marker.

Football Fever (2)

To prepare the field, we covered an empty snack box with construction paper. Before sealing off the box completely, add a few pebbles inside to weight it down.

Travis had fun scribbling a decoration for the top of the box; older kids can make it look like a real end zone!

Football Fever (3)

To make the goal post, fold a pipe cleaner in half, twist the bottom a few times. Bend the top ends to look like a goal post. Poke a hole in the top of the box and insert the pipe cleaner. I added a drop of glue to keep it more firmly in place.

Football Fever (7)

Now “kick” your footballs into the end zone for a field goal! Little kids can have fun tossing about the paper footballs, even if they can’t reach the goal. The game is also great for talking about shapes.

Football Fever (6)


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