Craft Stick School Bus

Bus Frame (10)

Ok, Travis might not actually take a bus to his nursery school, but kids understand quickly the link between school buses and school. That makes this craft an adorable one to hold the Picture Day photos for kids of any age!

To start, paint 5 regular craft sticks and 3 jumbo craft sticks with yellow paint. I love watching Travis’s dexterity with painting projects increase; he now knows to hold the craft stick with the tip of a finger, in order to paint it as much as possible without getting his fingers yellow!

Bus Frame (2)

We set the craft sticks aside to dry while he was – appropriately! – at school on Picture Day.

To complete the craft, glue one regular-sized stick horizontally across the tops of the other 4 regular-sized sticks; these will be the window frames of the bus. Glue the 3 jumbo sticks horizontally at the bottom, to be the body of the bus.

Bus Frame (5)

Cut two circles from black craft foam for the wheels. We glued on buttons as the center of the wheels.

Bus Frame (7)

From here, embellish your bus any way you’d like! A few sequins served as the headlight and pretty adornment, and a T sticker for his initial was the final touch.

Bus Frame (8)

As has often been the case lately, Travis used the craft materials to play with in his own way once we were finished. He glued together additional craft sticks and sprinkled them with more sequin pieces, and was very proud of his creations.

Bus Frame (9)

When Picture Day photos are ready, simply tape behind the windows of the bus!

Bus Frame.JPG