Play Dough Monsters

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Here’s the perfect way to shake up your play dough routine in the spooky month of October! This little craft is great for kids who might be experiencing their first fears about monsters; your silly and cute creations will have them giggling and realizing monsters don’t need to be scary.

Travis didn’t quite understand the concept at first, so I set about making a few goofy monsters as he watched. Beads made for silly fangs and smiles, and googly eyes are always fun.

Play Monster (1)

Trim lengths of pipe cleaner to be smiles, curly hair pieces, or even whiskers!

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Once he got the idea, Travis was so into the craft. He loved adding shiny beads as eyes.

Play Monster (3)

And decided that each monster needed a smile, which he drew on with his finger.

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We wound up with quite the little monster mash family.

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