Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Pinecone Feeder (6)

With daylight savings officially upon us and darker, colder days here to stay, we’re thinking about the winter to come… and in particular, helping out our feathered friends.

On our latest nature walk, we selected three large pinecones for the project. Travis was very curious to see how we would turn them into bird feeders!

First we needed to smear them with peanut butter, a gooey and fun step.

Pinecone Feeder (1)

To cover the pine cones with bird seed, we filled the bottom of a paper bag with the seeds, added our pine cones, and then shook the bag.

Pinecone Feeder (2)

The shaking was arguably the best part of the project!

Pinecone Feeder (5)

And of course, leftover seeds are fun to play with.

Pinecone Feeder (4)

Ideally, we’d have a tree or bush to hang the feeders from, but the best I could do was to hang them from the bicycle handles on our patio. We can’t wait to see if any feathered friends visit for a nibble!

Pinecone Feeder (7)


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