Fall Leaf Votive

Leaf Votive (8)

In addition to our Felt Fruit, here’s another possible adornment for your Thanksgiving table this Thursday. It’s a lovely twist on the Halloween Luminaries we lit up in October, this time putting a leafy autumnal twist on the same idea!

First, head outdoors and collect a few (relatively small) fresh leaves. Try to find a variety of shapes and colors, for the best effect.

Leaf Votice (1)

Coat a glass jar with a layer of mod podge, then have your child arrange the leaves in whatever pattern they like. Set aside to dry overnight.

Leaf Votive (3)

Travis’s favorite part of the project was applying a second layer of mod podge the next morning, to ensure that no edges of the leaves pop up.

Leaf Votive (6)

He thought dabbing a gluey paintbrush over the leaves was great fun, much more so than when we just put the glue on the clear jar!

Leaf Votive (5)

If you like, you can add pieces of tissue paper to fill in the blank space between leaves, but we left ours clear.

Leaf Votive (7)

Insert a tea light, and light up your Thanksgiving celebration!

Leaf Votive (10)

Note: As a bonus, this votive will look lovely lit up for a long time to come. Consider it for a nightlight in your child’s room, or just a pretty decoration after dark.

Leaf Votive (11)

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