Halloween Luminaries

Halloween Luminary (10)

Last year we indulged in an extra crate from Kiwi Co to make a trick-or-treat tote bag (which we’ll be using again this year!). This Halloween, Travis has graduated up in crafting skills and could help put together Kiwi Co’s neat luminary project, a reminder that it’s not just pumpkins that glow on All Hallow’s Eve.

To replicate the project at home, you can purchase similar materials to everything described below at a craft store.

To start, we taped down the two provided clear sheets of flexible plastic onto a work surface (a brown paper bag or scrap paper work fine), and painted them with a layer of glaze (which looked quite similar to Mod Podge).

Halloween Luminary (1)

We divided the provided tissue paper squares into oranges and purples, and pressed onto the sticky glaze.

Halloween Luminary (2)

Travis had fun with the orange one, but then decided he didn’t like the way the glaze felt on his fingers. So I finished up the purple one, and then we painted over the tissue with an additional layer of glaze before setting them aside to dry.

Halloween Luminary (3)

To make our luminaries spooky, we had fun adding the provided stickers – Travis particularly liked making a “pumpkin patch” on one.

Halloween Luminary (4)

The plastic is then folded into a cylinder, and secured with clear round stickers.

Halloween Luminary (6)

Place your luminaries on any surface, then add a tea light inside.

Halloween Luminary (7)


Halloween Luminary (8)


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