Color Hopscotch

Color Hopscotch (5)

Travis was late to jumping… so all the more reason to celebrate his new accomplishment with this fun game! It had us exercising our brains and our muscles. Instead of leaping from number to number, in this version you’ll be hopping from color to color or shape to shape.

To play, use foam sheets to cut out a variety of shapes. Ideally use two sheets of foam in each color so you wind up with two red triangles, two green squares, two blue circles, etc.

Color Hopscotch (2)

Arrange the shapes in any pattern on the floor, then have fun calling out instructions to leap.

We had fun testing shape combinations, like “Circle, Rectangle, Triangle!”

Color Hopscotch (8)

Or color ones: “Yellow, Black Green!”

Color Hopscotch (3)

Travis also made up silly ways to cross the shapes, such as jumping feet onto one row, then putting your hands down on the second. I loved seeing his creativity with the suggestions.

Color Hopscotch (6)

For bigger kids who are readers, consider making a spinner for the game. Write out different instructions in each space of the spinner, and then perform the motion on the space you spin to.

Color Hopscotch (7)

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