Snow Globes

Snow Globe (5)

Our snowy themed indoor fun continues, as negative wind chills are still keeping us mostly indoors. These snow globes didn’t turn out as pretty as the kind you’d buy in a store, but we enjoyed making them!

First, you’ll need to arrange little figures or miniatures, and glue to the lid of a mason jar. We had fun sorting through cute bird-themed figures we had at home, which looked great when we affixed them (I used hot glue, a grown-up step).

Snow Globe (1)

Next time though, I would use something taller, since these didn’t really stick far up enough into our swirling “snow.” But more on that later.

Snow Globe (2)

Help your child pour water into the mason jars until they are almost full. Then it’s time for the secret ingredient: vegetable glycerin. Travis loved the goopy texture. Add 1 teaspoon to each mason jar.

Snow Globe (3)

Finally, we needed to add snow…. glitter that is! Don’t overdo it, or you won’t really be able to see your figures in the jar. We might have been a little too heavy-fisted.

Snow Globe (4)

Now give them a shake to create a beautiful indoor snowfall! These would make great gifts if you want to save the idea for the holidays.


Snow Globes alt.JPG

Here it is snowing on our little birdhouse:

Snow Globe (6)

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