Glowing Snowman Luminary

Glowing Snowman (10)

I wanted to make these adorable glowing snowmen to light up a dark blizzard afternoon recently. It turns out Travis wasn’t at all interested in putting the craft together (hey, sometimes it happens!) but he did love the end result. The snowman is another way to add a cozy glow to winter’s dark nights.

For best results, you’ll need an empty Pom juice bottle to create a nice curvy snowman. I couldn’t find Pom at the store, but did snag a kid-sized Evian bottle that worked just as well.

Glowing Snowman (1)

Paint your curvy bottle with two coats of white paint on all sides (but not the bottom), letting dry thoroughly after each coat.

Glowing Snowman (2)

You know that pesky tendency kids’ socks have of disappearing one from each pair? Use that to your advantage here!

Glowing Snowman (3)

Cut up any old or mismatched socks to make hats and scarves. For a hat, cut the toe off a sock. Tie with a string near one end, and snip those ends into strips to make a “pom pom.”

Glowing Snowman (4)

Cut a long, thin rectangle from another spare sock, and tie around the middle of the bottle as the snowman’s scarf.

Glowing Snowman (5)

To finish the snowman, we used sticky-back felt cut into circles for eyes, a nose, and buttons (which Travis finally acquiesced to sticking on!)

Glowing Snowman (7)

What a dapper fellow!

Glowing Snowman (8)

When you’re ready to make your snowman glow, simply place him atop a battery operated tea light and illuminate the night.

Glowing Snowman (9)


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