Penny Toss

Penny Toss (6).JPG

On the heels of our Mouse Hole Roll, Travis and I added a penny toss to our indoor circus and carnival games!

To start, we needed three different colors of construction paper and round items to trace. You can turn this into a hunt for circular items around the house if your kids are learning their shapes. Records were perfect for the middle and smallest circles, but I had to free-hand the largest circle since we didn’t have anything round that was quite that big.

Penny Toss (1)

Glue the circles together and let dry.

Penny Toss (2)

Colored-in clown templates add a nice decorative touch.

Penny Toss (4)

Then it’s time to play!

Penny Toss (5)

Travis wasn’t quite as into the penny toss as he was with the mouse hole game, but we got in some good tosses.

Penny Toss (7)

His first few attempts bounced quite far off the circles, which I could see surprised him. So it was good motor skills practice to learn more precise aim.

Penny Toss (8)


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