Letter Match Parking Lot

Parking Lot (11)

This game is by far the best way yet I’ve found to get Travis excited about matching upper and lower case letters. He knows his upper case with no trouble, but still mixes up some of the lower case toughies, like d and b, n and u, or p and q. Start your (toy) engines and your little ones will be matching all their letters in no time!

To prepare the parking lot, we first needed to make sure we had 26 cars in the house. I thought we might be a few short, but it turns out we had more than enough – where do all these cars come from? Travis was thrilled when he saw them all lined up.

Parking Lot (1)

Write out the lower case letters on stickers, and apply one to each car; set aside.

Parking Lot (2)

Next I set up the parking lot, drawing 26 spaces on a big sheet of poster board.

Parking Lot (3)

You can use a ruler if you want your lines to be nice and neat. Label each parking space with capital letters, A through Z.

Parking Lot (4)

Now it was time to drive our cars in. Travis has dragged his heels with other letter matching games but to my delight, he thought this was just about the best game in the world. Each car received a driver’s name, and drove proudly to its assigned spot.

Parking Lot (6)

I was happy I only had to correct him a couple of times, on some of those tricky mirror image ones mentioned above. Little m finds a spot!

Parking Lot (8)

He found it a little difficult to locate the right capital letter a few times, especially when the lot was empty at the beginning. It was helpful to sing the ABC song together, so he knew whether the letter would be near the top row or bottom.

Parking Lot (5)

Because you can’t have a game without a hefty dose of preschooler imagination thrown in, he soon decided that it was a snowy parking lot, and all of the cars would need to shovel out.

Parking Lot (10)

No sooner did we park them all than he wanted to do it again!

Parking Lot (12)

What’s your favorite way to match capitals and lower cases with your preschooler? Please share in the comments!

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