Textured Talk

Texture Talk (7).JPG

This game is a nice extension of the hand control activity Veronika and I played a few days ago. This time, I was less concerned with her grip, and more interested in using language to describe what she was feeling. You can use the same toys from that activity, or introduce a new set.

I did present her with mostly fresh toys, to keep things interesting. As I handed her each object, I said words about its texture out loud.

This one is smooth and plastic, Veronika.

Texture Talk (1)

This one is soft and squishy.

Texture Talk (2)

Bumpy was fun!

Texture Talk (3)

It’s definitely okay for your child to move all these items right from hand to mouth. Babies learn a lot about the world through their mouths, so as long as the item is too big to be a choking hazard (use the toilet paper tube test), then it’s safe to hand it to your child.

Texture Talk (4)

Veronika loved testing each one in her hands first, and quickly in the mouth second!

Texture Talk (5)

In sum, this was a nice activity for language and sensory development, plus it was a delight just to watch her happy expressions!

Texture Talk (6)

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