Jack in Box (3)

Here’s a cute and easy jack-in-the box that you can make for your infant. It’s a little less startling than the kind you buy where a wind-up figure pops out, making it a good intro to the toy. And you only need a few pantry items to make it!

Poke a hole in the bottom of a Styrofoam cup with a pencil.

Jack in Box (1)

Push a straw through the hole, and attach a small   to the other end of the straw (I just taped one on).

Jack in Box (2)

Hold the straw so the puppet is hidden in the cup, then… Peek-a-boo!

Jack in Box (4)

Here’s a cute rhyme you can say before the big reveal:

Jack in the box, still as a mouse,

Deep down inside your little dark house.

Jack in the box, resting so still.

Will you come out? Yes, I will!

Lots of giggles and delight for this one.

Jack in Box (7)

Big siblings will probably want to take a turn doing the popping, too.

Jack in Box (6)

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