Who’s That Baby?

Who's Baby (4).JPG

With babies, it’s sometimes fun to return an activity at one month intervals or so. So much change occurs in their brain and their development in that short time!

To wit, today it was back to mirror play for Veronika. Although we’ve played mirror games before, to point out her name or facial features or emotions, today was the first time she really seemed excited by the baby in the mirror.

She’s also sitting up now, which makes a big difference. To make things novel, I sat her in front of the bathroom mirror. Hello baby!

Who's Baby (1)

She was really intrigued to see the “other” baby’s hand reach out when hers did.

Who's Baby (2)

Then we used a child-safe mirror at tummy time to point out features again. The other baby had a mouth and eyes…

Who's Baby (3)

…and a great big smile!

Who's Baby (5)

Your child will love getting to play with “another” baby while you do this activity.



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