Exercise Outdoors

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Veronika was born just before the cold of winter set in, and all winter I couldn’t wait for fresh, spring weather. Not just so my baby girl could feel warm sun on her skin, but also because it means I get to exercise outdoors!

There’s no need to do anything fancy, but today, make a point of getting some exercise in the fresh air. You can find an easy walking or running trail near you – just make sure you have a true running stroller, if you’re going to be moving fast. Veronika loves the change of scenery when I do my power walks around the lake in our park, including a chance to see ducks and geese.

Exercise Out (3)

For something a bit more organized, check out your local Stroller Strides. Veronika gets to check out the silly moves that mom does from nestled in her stroller, plus interact with the other babies! Our class has been indoors all winter, but I can’t wait for it to move out to the park once May rolls around.

Exercise Out (1)

What’s your favorite way to exercise with baby outside? Please share in the comments.

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