Bedtime Tape

Bedtime Tape (1)

Back in the day, this activity would have required a tape recorder and cassette player. Now all you need is the voice recorder on your smart phone, and you can make recordings for your baby – songs, books, favorite nursery rhymes, you name it.

These little audio clips are great to have on hand when you can’t be there for bedtime. Pass along the files to grandparents or other caretakers, and your little one can hear your voice even when you’re gone!

First, I read through one of Veronika’s favorite bedtime books. As I recorded, she sat in my lap and looked at the pictures, cooing and gurgling.

Bedtime Tape (2)

It makes the audio even more special that she’s on it!

Next I recorded a short lullaby, while she listened with wonder.

Bedtime Tape (4)

She seemed to be asking why I was singing the song during the day!

Bedtime Tape (5)

In fact, don’t feel like you need to save these clips for babysitting nights; Veronika liked listening to the book recording while she played.

Bedtime Tape (3)

The clips are also great for car trips – it’s exactly like having a book on tape, except one that you made, instead of one you need to purchase.

Bedtime Tape (6)

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