All Fall Down

All Fall Down (2)

Try this adorable game to improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination, as well as skills like concentration or cause and effect. It also introduces a love of playing with boxes, something that’s sure to continue throughout the toddler years.

Small boxes are ideal for this game, to fit a baby’s small hands. We had a variety pack of cereal boxes that were just right for the job. I taped the empty boxes shut so no edges poked up.

First, I simply let Veronika hold and explore one. She was instantly drawn to it – probably because of that grinning cute tiger!

All Fall Down (1)

Stack a few of the boxes together, just out of baby’s reach. This was a bit tricky, since Veronika is just learning to hold herself upright in a seated position, and she wanted to lunge for the boxes. Concentration, being built!

All Fall Down (5)

Once I had a tower, I let her take a swing. Bam! We all fall down.

All Fall Down (7)

If your baby doesn’t seem interested in the boxes themselves, you can set a toy on top of the tower as enticement.

All Fall Down (6)

Once baby reaches for the toy… Boom!

All Fall Down (8)

The boxes fall.

All Fall Down (9)

But honestly Veronika was so eager to get her hands on the cereal boxes, the toy was a moot point.

Once we’d had enough of sitting and knocking down, I set the boxes up for tummy time.

All Fall Down (10)

She also had fun with them while she played on her back. As always, boxes make excellent toys.

All Fall Down (12)


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