Tickly Toes

Tickly Toes (2).JPG

Ok, spring has only just begun, but today I tantalized Veronika with a hint of the summer to come… With sand, that is! No matter what time of year you play this game, sand is a fantastic tactile and sensory play ingredient.

Since you don’t want sand anywhere near a baby’s hands or mouth, this is strictly a foot game for a five month old.

I poured some sand into a shallow baking tray, and sat with Veronika on my lap. I dipped her toes into the sand for a little feel. She seemed intrigued, although also confused.

Tickly Toes (1)

Swirl baby’s toes around or press gently into the sand. You can also pick up a little handful of sand and trickle it down over the toes – this will both feel good and look exciting!

Tickly Toes (3)

Once she tired of her toes in the sand, I took some time to pour sand from a cup for her, so she could further enjoy watching the sand sparkle. It won’t be long before this girl is at the beach!

Tickly Toes (4)


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