Upside-Down and Backward Fun

Upside Fun (4).JPG

We started the day with candy for breakfast (it is Easter, after all!) which had us thinking about all the other silly ways we could have an upside-down or backward day. Here are a few ideas we managed to sneak in throughout the morning!

First, I challenged Travis to turn five things in his room upside down. Admittedly he was a little simplistic about it, but it was adorable to round the corner and find this!

Upside Fun (2)

Then he closed his eyes while I turned five things upside down.

Upside Fun (3)

He was gleeful finding the silly things I’d turned over.

Upside Fun (5)

Next we tried drawing upside down portraits of ourselves. Travis had to think hard about which way his smile should face.

Upside Fun (6)

Next up was a round of backwards hopscotch. Kids can count the numbers backwards (great math practice!) or jump backwards, or both!

Upside Fun (1)

What other ways can you think of to have a backwards day? Backwards secret messages perhaps? Whatever it is, please share in the comments!

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